Our Approach

The roots of poor quality and low manufacturing productivity often can be traced back to processes that happen long before the product hits the shop floor.

They begin with product line complexity, product design, scheduling and sourcing. We help clients address those sources of problems and implement lean manufacturing techniques that improve productivity 20 percent to 40 percent. While our approach varies depending on the client’s situation, our overall framework starts addressing strategic questions that impact production cost, quality, flexibility, service levels, and control.

This includes a clear understanding of what is the current and future product portfolio, what should the company "make vs buy" based on core capabilities and needs, and what should the future footprint and capacity plan look like–including which sites should be closed, consolidated, or prioritized for optimization.

Our Promise

Management, knowledge and expertise lie at the very heart of all we do. So does a total commitment to listening to and then meeting our clients’ needs. Whether we are undertaking complex analysis for reservoir surveillance, recruiting an individual consultant or placing and relocating a complete project team or delivering technical training, we begin by listening to you carefully. Then, and only then, will we set about the task of meeting these criteria and, where possible, exceeding them.

Our exceptional track record in retaining clients, providing high calibre expertise and the widest range of options for clients and consultants alike, reflects our total commitment to excellence in everything we do.