PB Engineering and Manufacturing Inc., is focused on delivering high quality solution, support and consultancy to engineering and manufacturing firms.

We stand behind our services and provide the utmost technical support to our clients.

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Process Improvement

Maintaining high quality and low costs is crucial for manufacturing businesses today. Our ‘board room to shop-floor’ approach helps companies in topics ranging from strategic decisions regarding setting up manufacturing operations, to specific production site and line improvement.


We work closely with our clients to untangle their complexity and install a clear and concise, repeatable R&D formula. Specifically, we enable them to innovate rapidly and spend more wisely by helping them to understand their ecosystem.

Our Team

We work as an integrated part of your team, from frontline to C-suite, to deliver true results and make the changes stick. We have an extensive and diverse team of experts ready to serve the needs of clients worldwide. Please contact us to submit a business inquiry.